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gml equalizer
gml equalizer

Points of Interest

the 7802 input modules originally populated a stage monitor console built by/for gml/nova sound research.

the modules have a transformer (Jensen) coupled mic pre with splitter feed, three band version of the famous GML parametric equalizer and discrete Sontec amplifiers in the audio path

Performance Spec's
power supply rails ±28V
THD+N ≤0.005%
output of +28dBu before clipping

oh... and the sound? one proud owner describes it as 'extra marital'!

gml equalizer

gml 7802's w/ ext PSU

gml equalizer
gml equalizergml equalizer

inside gml

interior shot

once upon a time... there was this one of a kind, prototype console designed and built by the one and only, George Massenburg... it had these really cool sounding input modules... no body used the console anymore so we modified the modules for a smaller chassis and...

8 ch's of gml 7802

gml 7802
gml equalizer
gml equalizergml equalizergml equalizergml equalizerlogo1